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What So Not.
"Anomaly" Album Promo.



Chris (What So Not) engaged SHOTCUT to develop an album

campaign video for his upcoming "Anomaly" release.

Chris and his Art Director Lucille Croft had already established

a strong narrative to work alongside the themes of the album

and needed SHOTCUT to bring their treatment to life,

producing and delivering a range of assets, with the main hero piece being used as a trailer for the album.




We wanted to create some truly mesmerising visuals to accompany the track Chris had produced for the main piece.

Shot on the Mornington Peninsula, our aim was to distort the perfect scenery with warped visuals and shifted colours. A feeling where everything around Chris was moving without anything moving at all.

Final deliverables included both horizontal and vertical assets for multiple web and socials, along with matching video backgrounds for music streaming platforms.

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