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Tricky Situations.
Cricket Australia Coaching.



Cricket Australia approached SHOTCUT to work in collaboration with their Coach Development Specialists on expanding their award winning CA Coach app with some new content specifically aimed to assist parents.

Multiple campaigns consisting of 100+ videos needed to be developed, Tricky Situations being the first of the new video sets being released.

While a majority of the app's content targeted coaches and training activities, it was imperative these new sets had a distinctive look, feel and structure that set them apart from previously produced materials already housed on the app.


Tricky Situations consists of 20 clips featuring Australian cricket commentator and former cricketer Mel Jones OAM and author, clinical psychologist and family therapist Andrew Fuller, bringing to light the many potential Tricky Situations parents may find themselves in with young cricketers.


Covering a wide range of topics including The Car Ride Home, Embracing Setbacks, Building Autonomy, Having A Go and Being A Part Of It,  SHOTCUT designed a light and fun vibe for the clips creating a number of cartoon animations cut in between pieces to camera, ultimately giving each clip its own unique personality.

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