Home Timber & Hardware approached SHOTCUT to design & develop a visual piece to accompany their Trade Rewards promotional documents. The campaign needed to inform potential members of the benefits and structure of the program. HTH required SHOTCUT to develop a full script, art direction that could accompany already existing materials if motion graphics were to be utilised, as well as ensuring all creative direction remained on brand.

















Home Timber & Hardware.

Trade Rewards.













SHOTCUT's aim was to create a catchy promo that only focused on the key messages. We understood there was already a large amount of information that was on-hand for new members, and that we could avoid a lengthy running time but sticking with standout statements. Information that members would want immediately after having the program proposed to them was at the forefront of this video strategy. A combination of a host, motion graphics & store footage was implemented to allow for an easy viewing. Below is a small highlights clip. For more information on this campaign, contact SHOTCUT directly.