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Toyota Network Training.
"TNT Apprenticeship Program" Commercial.


The Toyota TNT Apprenticeship Program provides pathways for those looking to undertake an apprenticeship with Toyota Dealerships,

that is aligned with Toyota products and technology.


Blue Flag engaged SHOTCUT to develop a commercial set to help explain, bring to life and ultimately promote the program where competition was at its highest. A main 60" hero clip was required,

along with a series of cutdown edits for different uses, along with

both landscape and portrait versions for various sharing platforms.


A stylised on-the-ground feeling was the first thing we wanted

to establish when viewers first watched the clip. Being able to

shoot on location at Toyota HQ in Melbourne with actual

apprentices allowed us to capture authentic scenarios and

training examples, with some added touches for dramatic effect.

The finished product feels honest and engaging, capturing the impressive learning facilities, inspiring teachers and motivated

apprentices, with the soundtrack perfectly matching the

"Drive Curiosity" tagline.

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