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Toyota Australia.
Sales Walkaround Training.



Toyota required their Sales Walkaround Training videos to have a major production upgrade. In association with Blue Flag, SHOTCUT needed to use an existing template that had been used in the past, and redesign the way in which key training messages were delivered through updated filming, new motion design & VFX, as well as the pacing & structure of the overall edit. All motion graphics needed to be Toyota branded accordingly, therefore anything created needed to adhere to strict design guidelines.



The results gained were immediately recognised by Toyota & their sales staff. The new videos were faster paced with a modern look, while still being extremely informative, ensuring key messages were delivered in detail. Taking the production approach of creating a clip similar to a TV series rather than that of a training video, allowed a level of excitement to be maintained throughout the clip, leading to much more positive interaction throughout repeat viewings. Contact SHOTCUT if you'd like to learn more about this project.

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