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Toyota Australia.
"Selling Down" Program.




Working closely with Blue Flag, SHOTCUT were asked to create a scenario based program for education & training purposes, focusing on the current Toyota Corolla range. A real world situation needed to be conceptualised involving both dealer & customer, with the goal of educating Toyota staff on the differences in features between models, and how each car is able to fulfil a customer's specific needs. Additional model features and technology options were two key specific areas Toyota required extra focus on to aid dealers.



Creating a showroom environment with natural dealer/customer interaction was the key element in establishing a believable scenario. The finished product was a 10 minute program allowing viewers to experience a situation that they would encounter on a regular basis. With additional clarification on important features and benefits, the final product was an informative and comprehensive look at the current Corolla range, exploring the ways in which dealers can communicate with customers, ensuring they offer the right Corolla model for all their needs. Contact SHOTCUT if you'd like any additional information on this project.

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