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RCT Brake Pad 3D Motion Graphics.



To aid with the release of the RCT Brake Pad, Repco commissioned SHOTCUT to develop a 3D model of the soon to be released product.


A short series of clips comparing the new pad to other pads was intended to aid the current marketing materials. By creating a fully functional 3D render, this allowed Repco to move the pad around without any limitations, therefore having the ability to create an endless amount of material both prior to launch, as well as in the future.


Repco provided SHOTCUT with the actual brake pad from which the 3D model was created and then brought to life.


Approximately 2 months was spent developing & designing the brake pad, along with an initial set of renders. The first delivery showcased the Radial Chamfer Technology, a surface area comparison between RCT and other brake pads, how the product interacts with rotors, as well as a look into the physical components that make up the pad.


Many of the renders have since been incorporated into other RCT promotional material, building on the original animations and going into more detail on specific features. Below is a selection of some of the original designs, as well the delivered set of clean renders.

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