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Know-How Video Set.


PlayHQ engaged SHOTCUT to develop a full learning suite of

Know-How videos to assist new and current users of the platform with a step-by-step process of every task that a club or association would want to work through.

Approximately 40 videos with durations ranging from 1-15 minutes

depending on the complexity of the task needed to be created using

screen capture, VoiceOver and easy to follow motion graphics.

The challenge with all Know-How to content is with pacing.

Understanding how much information can be communicated while multiple tasks are being carried out on screen. The longer the video, the more room each individual task needs to ensure messages are received clearly.


A combination of straightforward scripts, subtle camera shifts and easy to follow graphics allowed all the videos in these sets to be followed and understood easily, regardless of length.

With so much information present on the UI, we found that after initially displaying the full screen, by directing viewers to where their attention should be before adding in motion graphics allowed them to focus more on hearing the instructions from the VoiceOver, rather than searching for highlighted graphics themselves. This also proved beneficial for the number of users wanting to access this Know-How through mobile devices.


PlayHQ uses this video set as the main method of new user training, FAQ's on their website, as well as in workshops and presentations to potential customers.

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