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"Welcome to PlayHQ" Brand Campaign.



PlayHQ engaged SHOTCUT to create a brand video to help communicate the benefits and key features of their platform.

The main goal was to comprehensively outline how the platform

works for various sporting codes, as well as the direct features for

associations, clubs, participants and volunteers.

The challenge was to outline all of the many features in an engaging manner, connecting those features with the end user and keeping everything under five minutes so the clip could not only be used for

presentations and sales, but also educate curious community sporting

clubs and associations via social channels and the PlayHQ website.


With so many features and possible users, we decided during the initial scripting stage that this video would be driven by an infographic style aimed to present an easy-to-follow roadmap for all viewers.

While the first minute focused on introducing what PlayHQ actually is, the main body of the clip needed to accurately outline the strengths and benefits for each member of a community sporting club and association. We decided a single 2D bright and minimal feature map was the most effective way to not only keep viewers engaged, but more importantly not be distracted or confused with an influx of information.

The finished clip moves swiftly through each section without feeling rushed, detailed without getting lost and most importantly, entertaining and engaging.

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