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Lucille Croft.
"Patient X" EP Promotional Content.



Lucille engaged SHOTCUT to bring her high concept EP "Patient X" to life with a set of accompanying visuals to promote the forthcoming release.

With an established brief for the set of clips, SHOTCUT were asked to produce and help bring the artist's vision to life.


Having collaborated with Lucille before, we knew her strong vision and attention to detail would be an huge asset in the production phase.


With a rapidly approaching release date, the promos needed to be

put together swiftly. While each vignette being shot behind a simple, white background, we gave each clip a different look using a combination of motion graphics and colouring.

The set was released over a period of two weeks, each expanding on the Patient X narrative, with thumping soundtrack produced by Lucille to aid the visuals.

Each clip was filmed with multiple dimensions in mind to work in both standard widescreen, cinematic 2.39:1 and social 9:16 formats, with each different frame setup having a slightly different feel, all while still having Lucille front and centre of frame.

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