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KissKill Lingerie.
"Use Me" Campaign Film.



KissKill approached SHOTCUT to develop their first campaign film focusing on the essence of the brand. Kiss, which represents the feminine side of a woman’s personality, sexuality and embracing the soft side of being a woman. Kill references the allure of a woman - the strong, independent and dominant side. She has a killer instinct she uses to empower herself and create an air of mystery to her personality. The object was to increase brand awareness as well as increasing online sales through promotion of the new collection.



Risk taking is the very essence of the brand itself and was prominent in its first print campaigns. We developed and produced "Use Me', an extended online TVC which immediately attracted the attention of high profile fashion blogs and throughout all forms of social media. Directing viewers of the clip to the KissKill online store, the brand noticed a significant increase in sales of the styles used throughout the clip. Accompanying the unforgettable imagery of the film is a cover version of a Bill Withers classic which was specifically produced and recorded for the clip.

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