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Cricket Australia.
Revised Junior Formats.


Cricket Australia engaged SHOTCUT during their trials of a revised game format for Junior Cricket, with the final goal of having the proposed changes come into effect nationally after research results were analysed.


Initially, the aim was to create awareness amongst the cricket community to issues the current formats posed to Junior Cricket.


Working with Game Development, the brief was to create a piece that was immediately going to create a stir and garner support towards the research that was taking place to support the new proposed changes to Junior Cricket.


"Let The Kids Play" was met with strong reactions throughout the cricket community. To propose large widespread changes to Junior Cricket is something that was always going to incur mixed feelings from parents, players & coaches all over the country.


The idea behind the campaign was to take the best players from around the country and have them play with oversized equipment, to emulate what it feels like for a younger player taking part in the current formats.


This campaign gained airplay on morning programs around the country, as well as sparking debates through all forms of social media.


Ultimately, the revised formats were deemed a huge success and have since been implemented across Australia. 12 months later a launch video was created to introduce the new changes officially. 

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