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KissKill Lingerie. "Use Me" Campaign Film. (NSFW)

Heat Beads.
How To Use Heat Beads Products.



Heat Beads engaged SHOTCUT to update & refresh a set of previously created "How To" videos. The request was for the new clips to be short, snappy and to-the-point, as well as incorporating Heat Beads branding & assets to distinguish the specific product being used in each clip.



SHOTCUT used Heat Beads packaging as the main inspiration for the skin design that was created for each clip. Using only 70% of the frame during production allowed ample space for the motion design template in post, without overshadowing any of the footage. The final videos all run under 90 seconds, allowing them to be used over a number of different online & promotional platforms, while still incorporating all of the key messages needed to make these clips beneficial to customers.

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