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Four Protein.
"Less Is More" TVC.


Four Protein enlisted SHOTCUT to produce a 45 second spot with the aim of introducing their brand to new customers both through social media & through national cinema advertising.


There were several key messages that needed to be communicated with audiences, including the fact that it is an all natural protein powder with only four ingredients, tailored for women, as well as being able to assist those who live an active lifestyle. No previous content had been produced, therefore it was essential this primary campaign set the tone for the identity of the brand.


With a focus on social media, the "Less Is More" campaign was able to feature four prominent social influencers who were all fans & users of the brand. As they already had highly active lifestyles, we were able to capture them in day-in-the-life scenarios, meaning nothing was forced, allowing the campaign to take on a very natural feel.

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