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Enda Socks.
"The greatest sock you'll never see".


Enda approached SHOTCUT to develop a set of social media spots introducing the brand to potential customers. Enda wanted people to know their product should be the only socks you'll need, with their initial product offering being predominantly focused on no-show casual and sports socks.


A focus on innovative design, sustainable materials creating an environmentally friendly product, along with a promise the socks won't slip or cause irritation created several paths the campaign could take.


It seemed inappropriate to attempt to jam all of Enda's key messages into a short 10" social clip as something would certainly be missed by its audience. SHOTCUT instead focused on the name of the product itself, the no-show. And what better way to communicate the message of a no-show product than to simply not show it?


"The greatest sock you'll never see" aimed to present a number of different environments and activities promoting the fact the no-show socks on offer were able to tackle anything thrown at them, along with enticing audiences to learn more about the design, materials and brand philosophy by visiting the Enda website directly.

Enda _ 2020 Brand #1-high.gif
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