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Elliott Label.
"Mimi & Darcy" Campaign Film.


Elliott Label asked SHOTCUT to develop a campaign film featuring Mimi Elashiry & Darcy Dineen. There needed to be focus on the different pieces of clothing in this particular collection, however as the photography part of the shoot was to take place in a bare studio, it was essential for the concept to have it's own personality and not simply look like a digital lookbook. In addition, we were also asked to create something that could be incorporated into Instagram use, as Mimi had over 750k followers.




What do you get when you cross Calvin Klein with the Black Keys? Our aim was to blend the stunning & soft features of model Mimi with the grungy & edgy feel of the brand. Shot much like the 90s Calvin campaigns, the music choice is what needed to give the campaign a personality of its own that worked in harmony with the branding of the label. SHOTCUT created 1 main edit for website, digital & Facebook use, as well as 2 edits specifically optimised for Instagram. Mimi received over 12.5k likes from one post of the Instagram edit online.

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