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Culture Vulture Nostalgic Trends.
Social Media Content Campaign.



SHOTCUT were approached by Culture Vulture Nostalgic Trends

during their launch process to create a content package specifically produced for social media platforms to accompany the brands 001 release.


Each piece of content would require multiple versions optimised for reels & IG stories, IG posts and standard Facebook, Twitter and YouTube specifications.



Rather than creating a single brand campaign video with a limited lifespan, SHOTCUT designed & produced a set of 20 clips (3 versions of each) focusing on showcasing each jacket from the collection individually.


This content package has been used as the main form of advertising for CVNT through its 2019 launch. Being able to cycle through a set of 20 x 15" clips has allowed for significantly higher audience engagement throughout all social media platforms, increasing sales, traffic and brand engagement.


Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 2.09.45 pm-min
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