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Woolworths Cricket Blast.
"Cricket Skills & Progression" Mobile App Content .



Cricket Australia engaged SHOTCUT to work alongside their Participation Experience Lead and Coach Development Specialist to develop a set of 'Cricket Skills' videos to be housed on their award winning CA Coach Mobile App for Woolworths Cricket Blast.


The clips would be exclusively housed within the app and were intended for Cricket Blast facilitators to be able to check through the various stages of progression of each skill to better understand the ability of their participants, as well as assist them in aiding their development.


The Cricket Skills and Cricket Skills Progression sets have been a fantastic resource for all WWCB facilitators, parents, coaches and cricket fans.

It's bright and easy to read graphic design elements, detailed footage and engaging hosts make these 30-90 second clips easy to watch in sets and even easier to quickly check during any WWCB session.

They are some of most watched clips on the CA Coach Mobile App which SHOTCUT has produced a majority of the video content for.

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