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KissKill Lingerie. "Use Me" Campaign Film. (NSFW)

Cricket Australia.
Junior Cricket Skills Campaign.



Cricket Australia asked SHOTCUT to work with their Game Development division, and create a suite of skills clips that coaches could access through The Australian Way mobile application. Based around the Junior Cricket skills scorecard, CA required the clips to be easily understandable for coaches, as well as highlighting key pieces of information quickly & efficiently to help aid those running coaching sessions. 



Working alongside the National Coaching Manager & Community Coach Development Manager, a set of 65 videos split into 3 different skill stages were produced. SHOTCUT designed everything from the ground up, ensuring the content could be easily understood & processed during training sessions. An initial template was created to ensure all the clips had a similar look & feel throughout all the different stages. This has allowed for a level of consistency as coaches progress through the different activities.

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