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Connected Workplaces.
Brand Video.



Connected Workplaces approached SHOTCUT to design and develop a sharp brand video for their website and offices to communicate key messages and information and showcase their capabilities in under a minute.

The main purpose was to allow visitors a fast introduction to the business who could then be directed to additional resources and information on the site.




SHOTCUT started by designing a 3D render of a fully fitted laboratory, showcasing internal fittings and equipment including piping and ventilation systems. Bringing this lab to life from concept to completion was the perfect way to educate viewers on the sheer scale of the projects Connected Workplaces develop for their clients.

From there, we highlighted the key brand messages the client wanted communicated using the shapes from their logo to complete a puzzle, bringing everything together.

Subtle sound design and effects were included along with a futuristic tech soundtrack to compliment the muted colour palette used to emulate a laboratory feel.

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