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"B-Pod" TVC Campaign.



Night & Day approached SHOTCUT to develop a national TVC campaign introducing the new B-Pod from Britax. As an entirely new product, the newest features needed to be showcased and promoted while still feeling natural in its delivery on-screen.

SHOTCUT was asked to create a full creative brief including concept, script, style and structure, along with extensive casting and location scouting to introduce this new product to market, aligning with current brand outlines and past promotional materials.


Warm. Inviting. Honest. These were the key words that were presented when pitching the look and feel of the TVC. Showcasing the ease and flexibility of the new product, in real situations and settings while still feeling gentle in its delivery.

The final deliverable, the first cut, was hugely well received from both Britax and Night & Day in its raw form, while Crayon provided the finishing touches bringing everything to life in their colouring suites.

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