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Australian Agave Project.
The Ultimate NFT Experience.



The Australian Agave Project created the Ultimate NFT Experience, providing those lucky enough to purchase one of 100 tokens on offer, 10 plants from their Eden Lassie Farm and the right to the handmade micro distilled spirit from those plants.


Top Shelf International engaged SHOTCUT to collaborate with their marketing team on a full content package to not only promote the project, but also develop additional media to engage with token holders on the progress of their plants throughout the journey.


SHOTCUT created a launch video outlining the main details of the NFT Experience, housed on the Australian Agave Project website and promoted through social media channels, 4 x fields videos, as well as personalised clips for each of the 100 token holders outlining the exact location of their plants.

In addition, an Agave NFT Mini-Series was developed covering topics such as location, farm & planting, agronomy, terroir, technology, sustainability and wildlife, giving members an in depth look into farm itself.

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