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"Win a FIAT 500" TVC.



Zagame's Corporation approached SHOTCUT to produce their first TVC for metro and regional TV use, as well as Cinema broadcast. The commercial needed to introduce the restaurant to viewers with the ability to be used for different competitions and campaigns the restaurant would run in the future. Good food, friendly staff and fun for the whole family were the key messages that the brand wanted depicted on screen.



SHOTCUT produced a 15 & 30 second TVC that focused on "The Zagame's Experience". We wanted to take viewers in and around the restaurant, recreating the environment that we experienced first hand. The intial campaign was a huge success being broadcast in high viewer primetime slots on both Free To Air, Pay TV and before blockbuster films at Hoyts Cinemas across Victoria. Variations of the initial campaign have been edited for use in conjunction with speical promotions & competitions. 

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