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Social Media Campaigns.
Online Sales Videos.
Explainer Videos.
Promotional Material.
Corporate Presentations.

SHOTCUT plays a key role in continuously building

Ned Whisky, Grainshaker Vodka & Agave Tequila's content strategy.


Key tasks have included the launch of the Australian Agave NFT, Ned Whisky campaigns, Top Shelf Group investor showcases,

facility walkthroughs,

Grainshaker promotional material,

personalised member updates and

social media sets.


Up-to-date Projects.
Asset Management.
Online Storage.

Managing Top Shelf Group's extensive content suite allows the ability to utilise a number of up-to-date project files to deliver fast updates and easily develop new content from existing footage.


With hundreds of hours of clips catalogued in detail, being able to assemble new content efficiently has been crucial in managing each brand's individual requirements.

A main benefit of Complete Content Management services is knowing all your content is instantly accessible and ready for your next release.

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