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Content we produce.

1/12                     Commercials.

Local or nationally broadcast TVC's on free-to-air digital channels and streaming services, along with all
national and international online
advertising platforms.

E-Learning Material.             2/12

Training, learning or education delivered digitally usually distributed through a learning management system
(LMS) or mobile application. The 4 main types
of E Learning training include Employee,
Compliance, Customer and Partner.

3/12                     Social Media Campaigns.

Campaigns produced specifically for platforms such as
Instagram & Twitter, where filming guidelines
and post-production design and dimension
specifications differ from standard
video deliverables.

5/12                     Product Training.

Product Training is an extension of E Learning Material
often delivered with a host to camera and structured
as 1-on-1 learning. Product Training content is a
great asset to accompany online courses and
add to Learning Management Systems.

7/12                     Video Brochures.

An engaging way to compliment a print based asset.
Product Brochures allow for a greater user
experience and are a great addition
to EDMs and websites.

9/12                     Web Series.

Web Series' are a great way to extend your digital footprint, expand your audience and promote your expertise on any
given subject. Perfect to add to your website,
subscription based streaming service,
as well as creating a podcast from. 

Online Sales Videos.            4/12

Online Sales Videos are advertisements or multi-clip
campaigns aimed to increase brand awareness,
introduce new products to market and 
accompany other digital assets or


Explainer Videos.             6/12           

Short and sharp How-To clips, normally consisting of
multiple videos aimed at promptly communicating
a step by step instructional guide for new
products, programs and services. 


Brand Advertisements.            8/12

Single clips used to introduce a new brand to market or
update an existing brand's visual identity.
Most often developed with a narrative
rather than a specific product to sell.


Mobile App Content.            10/12

Mobile app content are clips specifically designed and
created to meet the specifications of a new or
exisiting mobile application. These sets are
usually made up of 20 or more pieces
of content.


11/12                     Promotional Material.

Promotional Material covers an extensive amount of video content distributed through all advertising platforms.
Can include products, services, events, competitions,  investment opportunities, experiences, concerts
and live sporting events just to name a few. 

Corporate Presentations.          12/12

Content produced for corporate events such as recap
videos, milestone achievements, award presentations and board meetings. 


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