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Social Media Campaigns.
Product Training.
Explainer Videos.
Brand Advertisements.
Web Series.
Mobile App Content.
Promotional Material.
Corporate Presentations.

SHOTCUT is responsible for the design, production and management of Cricket Australia's award winning coaching resources including

Cricket Blast, Junior, Representative and

High Performance Cricket

content requirements.

SHOTCUT has played an important role in expanding Cricket Australia's content catalogue since 2013, producing a number of highly successful campaigns helping educate and engage coaches, participants, parents and members of Cricket Australia.

Key projects have included the launch of the revised junior cricket formats, development of LMS E-Learning coaching courses including Level 1, 2 & 3 accreditation, all content development and production for the Yahoo! Sports Technology and LearnX Live! award winning CA Coaching mobile app, Woolworths Cricket Blast video suite featuring over 75 explainer and promotional videos, Skills Scorecard catalogue featuring over 150 training clips and MyCricket product training. 

With the entire coach resource catalogue managed by SHOTCUT, Cricket Australia has the ability to update learning modules efficiently and quickly, whether that be replacing footage, updating pieces to camera or adding new sections to courses.

Full campaigns can be adjusted effortlessly as sponsorship deals change, coaching department roles shift or motion graphics need a refresh.

Permanent showcase review links housed online act as a catalogue for all members of staff to be able to review and update any clips as needed.

All of these

Complete Content Management services contribute to more streamlined workflows and faster content turnaround.

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