Australian Char's marketing department approached SHOTCUT

wanting to produce a series of cooking shows to be used on their website, displaying the ease of using Heat Beads BBQ Briquettes as well as the variety of different simple recipes that could be achieved by your everyday cook. An online advertising clip promoting the Heat Beads Chimney Booster was also required to accompany the set of cooking clips. It was essential each episode was fast-paced, easy to understand and reiterate the brand's key messages.
















KissKill Lingerie. "Use Me" Campaign Film. (NSFW)

Heat Beads.

The Real/Simple BBQ Series.













SHOTCUT cast head chef Darron as the host of the series as his enthusiasm and likeable personality made him the ideal fit for the "easy going" feel of the series. By restricting each episode to a duration of under 5 minutes, this ensured viewers didn't get lost anywhere in the cooking process & encouraged repeat viewings and online shares with friends & family members. Both the cooking series & BBQ Chimney Booster clips have been used throughout the Heat Beads website, their YouTube channel as well as their Facebook page to extremely positive reviews.